About Us

A very special welcome to all of you for joining us here on our official TAND Swimwear website!
We are very excited that we can share our journey with you and appreciate all your support, whether you've just found us or have been with us since our first Instagram post. We are new brand started in Sydney Australia, the home of surf and beach culture. Our passion and inspiration for our brand came from the desire to be unique, classic and feminine without following typical style trends.
We are strong believers in the idea that a higher price tag does not mean it is nicer on. It's about the style, colours and patterns that compliment your unique body, shape, skin tone and personality. Once you find that perfect outfit, you are untouchable; a confident, sexy and powerful woman who really knows her worth.
We've all heard of the term the 'clothes make the man', but ladies we know it's all about what the woman is wearing!
We strive to empower you one swimsuit at a time!
Stay bold.
Stay classy.
Stay TAND.