Who Run the World?

If you've read our previous blog about our new system we are working on for giving back to the community, welcome back! If this is your time reading our blogs then we want to say a huge welcome and thank you for tuning in for our continued blog series about charities and our donations. As mentioned, we came up with the idea to let you all choose where the donations of our profits go to. In this way we can do our little part in helping lots of different charities. There are so many out there doing fantastic work, so this is our small way of trying to help them all!

In this blog we will be explaining all the charities we have chosen that support women around the world, so that when it comes time for you to make your decision, you know exactly what your money is going to be helping.

1. Days for Girls

Days for Girls is an amazing charity we discovered! Their aim is to provide women in developing countries with basic sanitary needs like pads, tampons and clean underwear. Often, young girls and women in these countries have to use leaves, mattress stuffing, or rags during their time of the month. If we are being honest, this really shocked us! Coming from a country where basic sanitary needs are readily available at the nearest Coles, pharmacy or even petrol station and where we can mostly all afford to buy them, it is very difficult to imagine being without these items. We have to admit, we have been taking this for granted, and now we have the passion and ability to do something about it! The kits they provide are extremely vital, containing clean and safe to use products such as new underwear, soap, cleaning cloths, absorbent liners, and even a chart to help them keep track their cycles.

To find out more about this charity, click this link.

2. Women on wings

Women on Wings is an impressive charity based in India which focuses on connecting skilled women with companies to ensure that they get the pay and treatment that they deserve. There is a significant gap between the wealthy and the poor in India, and Women on Wings is gradually trying to close this gap. Many of the poorer families are living on just $2 a day! Their aim is to create 1 million jobs for women around India. At the moment, it is around 240,000 and that number is growing everyday! We want to be able to help out where we can, after all, girls run the world!

To find out more about this charity, click this link.

3. Lou's Place

To bring things closer to home, Lou's Place is an outstanding organisation dedicated to caring for and helping women who are homeless, suffering domestic abuse, isolated and just in need of some friendly faces. Lou's Place handles everything from crisis intervention, legal advice, referrals and case management, as well as providing free breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday. They also have facilities for women to shower, do their laundry and/or change into a fresh outfit from their boutique. They also offer classes for yoga, sewing, creative writing, DIY, group recovery sessions, as well as regular visits from chiropractors, make up artists and hairdressers; because every woman deserves to look and feel amazing!

To find out more about this charity, click this link.

4. Population Services International

Population Services International is a great non-profit organisation that is faced with the incredible challenge of tackling some of the most serious health illnesses in developing countries. They aim to improve family planning, maternal healthcare, increase awareness of AIDS and HIV, and prevent diseases that can be fatal to newborns.

To find out more about this charity, click this link.



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