What is my skin care routine?

Ah skin care... probably one of the most fun parts of our daily routines, there's something about looking after your own skin and body that is really calming right?! It's the 'me time' we all need, whether you're a guy or girl! I loved finding out about other girls routines to add bit and pieces to my own, so here is mine. Take whatever part will benefit you and mix and match with other tips to get your own perfect routine!

STEP 1: my skin care starts from the morning. After washing my face when I wake up, I put on some moisturiser for the day. When I was in Canada last year I forgot to bring one with me, so I went to the local body care store and found my all time favourite face moisturiser there! The Belif Moisturising Bomb, is literally the bomb! I haven't been able to get it in Sydney after I came back, if you're ever in America I highly recommend this!

To replace that one, I've started using the Fresh Vitamin C Glow Moisturiser, and also really liking the results. I've also recently tried the Palmer's Coconut Water Facial Moisturiser, which has also been great! By now we must all know how great Coconut water is; it's a natural product and is second to none for natural remedies. Best thing is that this product is very hydrating, AND sustainably made earning the Fair Trade mark. 

STEP 2: after my skin has been exposed to the elements and makeup for the whole day, it's time to take it all off! My go-to product is the Palmer's Calming Cream Cleanser. This baby is the best thing I've ever gotten for makeup remover. It's soft, creamy and perfect for girls with sensitive skin, or if you don't want to be too rough on your skin with other removers. The make up comes off so easily too!

STEP 3: I usually follow up with the Frank Creamy Face Scrub, as an exfoliator to get any extra dirt that might have still clung to my face at the end of the day.

Ok so there are a few variations I do on a weekly basis to keep my face nice and soft...

VARIATION TO STEP 3: Instead of using the Frank Creamy Face Scrub, about 1-2 times a week I will will the Frank Original Coffee Scrub. This thing is a life saver for when you need a clean, fresh, soft, natural face! You leave it in for 2 minutes, so I always do that first, and leave it in while I wash my hair and body. The great thing about this though is that you can use it on your body too! Need a soft butt before going to the beach tomorrow? Here's your answer!

It's important not to use the Creamy Face Scrub AND the Coffee Scrub in one night because you don't want to use too much harsh products in one go.

VARIATION TO STEP 3: once a week I will also switch it up with the Ayla Skin face mask. This is another life saver! A similar result to the Coffee Scrub, but you are left with your pores and imperfections totally eradicated! I feel so fresh and clean afterwards, it's seriously amazing!

STEP 4: The last step is of course to moisturise again before bed! I will use the Fresh Vitamin or the Coconut Water one from the morning again (just depends what I feel like), or sometimes for a deeper moisturising effect I will use the Palmer's Moisture Rich Night Cream. (Yes I absolutely love the Palmer's brand!)

So that's it! My whole face routine to help keep my skin looking smooth, fresh and young.

Do you have any awesome tips you need to share with the rest of us? Leave them in the comments and we can share all of our advice around!

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