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Healthy can look very different from one person to another, so comparing yourself to others is never a good idea. Taking tips and advice from a range of sources can help mould your own routine to suit your needs though, and this is what we definitely encourage. My own routine is quite relaxed, and allows me to have some freedom and enjoy everyday life to the max. I don't believe in extreme diets or over doing the exercise. Everything is done in moderation for me, and that is one of the keys to staying healthy for yourself. Part of being healthy is FEELING good. If you feel good from the inside, well you're halfway there!

Trust me, I've tried the typical routines we all know of. Like dieting throughout the week and having one big cheat day. If you're like me and really love your food, (and I mean really love it), this will never work. Cramming in all the cheat meals into one day will undo all the hard work you managed to do by staying away from bad food for the week, because for me it's more of a mental struggle than physical. Instead, I have small treats regularly to satisfy that craving on a daily basis. This is the best solution for me, because I have managed to cut down my portions and have been able to increase my will power so much more!

In addition, I try to choose healthier options for my guilty pleasures. For example, if I really want ice-cream, I'll get Bulla Frozen Yogurt sticks instead, or Halo Protein Ice-cream. If it's chocolate I'm craving I'll go for chocolate coated granola or chocolate coated digestives. It satisfies that craving while not putting on the same weight you would've if you ate the really heavy options! Another great thing is tea! Sometimes we all crave something other than water right? Tea is a great alternative. A little flavour in your greens, black, red or white teas can help satisfy that craving, and what's more is that the tea is a natural digestive! It'll help you flush all the toxins from your system, leaving you feeling really refreshed and great on the inside.

In terms of exercise, I generally try to do something every second day. The whole process of washing my hair everyday and styling it for work or uni is just exhausting to say the least! If you have thick, long hair and have the same problem it's worth it to try this out! 2-3 times a week for your exercise can still work just as well. All you have to do is really ramp up the intensity of the work out on those days to make the most of it. This doesn't mean spending a longer time at the gym, it means really pushing yourself and lifting heavier or running longer. After all, it's quality not quantity that's important. I find this method works great for me so I can enjoy my social life as well on the off days!

These are all my tips for you, if you have any other great ideas feel free to share it with all of us in the Goddess community.

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