What are we binge watching at the moment?

Here at Tand we certainly love our movies and TV shows! Stan, Netflix, Amazon, Foxtel, doesn't matter what it is we probably have a subscription (haha), however, our absolute favourite shows and movies deserve their own special list.

1.The Office (US) - TV show

This show needs no introduction! Whether you have already watched and been a fan from the beginning or just heard about it in passing, chances are slim that you are not aware of this comedy classic. With 9 seasons and plenty of screen time to keep you entertained if you haven't yet seen it all, we strongly urge you to get started on this one! Steve Carrell does some of his best work in this series, and the writing has no dull moments! You'll be sure to have a great time from start to finish :) 

This can be found on Stan in Australia, and Netflix if you live in the Americas.

2. Sherlock (BBC) - TV show

If you are a fan of crime mysteries, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock Holmes classic tales or all 3, you'll be made to miss this incredible series! Casting, writing, filmography and script is all so expertly done we really cannot get enough! Plus, with each episode being an hour and a half long, you really get the closure with a good detective story.

3. Dystopia and sci-fi genre

Lately we've loved watching all these awesome Netflix originals like Kin, I am Mother, Black Mirror, The Handmaid's tale, Sense 8, Stranger Things, Altered Carbon, and Into the Badlands. Some blockbuster films like Interstellar and Martian are also winners in our books! What we love about these movies is the ability for them to really make you think about your own life, your past and your present. It engages the audience like no other genre, because it's always about something bigger than ourselves, so it really allows us to humble ourselves and remember not to stress so much: because things could be worse haha.

4. Foreign films

Watching foreign films is usually not on our list, but every now and then we do like to get a little adventurous! Our favorites so far include Ip Man, (a fantastic drama film based on the martial arts master who taught Bruce Lee), Fearless, (another drama featuring Jet Li in his element and showcases some of his best acting), Roma (an excellent film from Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron that won an Academy Award, Maria (a Filipino action packed thriller that subverts typical male revenge stories). We love experimenting with different types of movies because they usually have very different elements, plots and messages compared to what we are used to in Hollywood. 

What else do you love watching at the moment? Let us know in the comments and we can help share around some great ideas!


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