Unexpected ways we can help save the planet!

The need to take action and band together to help save the planet is not news for us at this stage. We have ravaged and used up so much of the resources we are lucky enough to have available to us here on this wonderful and beautiful planet, and it's about time we give back to Mother Nature. We will discuss some  unexpected ways you can help save the planet one step at a time. Some you might know of already, some you might not. The important thing here is for us to realise that while the job may be a big one, if everyone does a little bit each day it will make a huge difference!

 1. Walking

Ok so this one isn't much of a surprise, but we wanted to recommend different ways to incorporate more walking in your every day life! For example, if you ever go to a fast food place instead of lining up at the drive through, why not park the car and go into the restaurant instead? Or when going to the shops, don't be afraid to park a little further and walk the distance to the shop entrance instead of doing laps constantly to find a closer car space. Not only will you help cut down emissions, but walking will be better for your own health too!

2. Shopping online

Perhaps an underrated and overlooked one, but online shopping is actually a big energy saver! If you think about it, shopping online only requires a working computer, whereas shopping in store requires you to travel to the store, which is using lots of electricity to keep it running and open, then followed by you then travelling back home. Not to mention the employees that all have to travel to the store as well. Online shopping isn't going to stop all emissions entirely, but it is a better option because one big truck can deliver hundreds of packages through the day, keeping the travel costs down to only one vehicle!

3. Understand expiration dates

The main difference here is that the sell-by date simply is a guide for manufactures to try and move the product by that date. It is a common assumption that the used by date means the food is definitely gone off, however this is not always the case. In fact, for many companies it is just their best guess at when the product will be at its freshest. We can also do many things to help keep food fresher for longer, such as setting the right temperature in the fridge, freezing certain foods that you won't eat as often. To find out more, watch this excellent video by John Oliver who provides a great discussion into the issue: 


4. Buying in bulk

It's a simple strategy but can save lots in the long run! Buying one big bag of rice will use less packaging than 5 small bags, AND will also save you money as you get more value for the product! However, you will have to be careful how you then store these products so that it doesn't all go off. Consider buying in bulk the items you go through the most or have longer life, like milk, coffee, rice, flour etc.

5. Packaging

Choosing products that have less packaging, or packaging made from recycled items is another great strategy. For example, loose fruits and veggies, or if they need a bag to ensure they only come with that single package. Many products come in a bag AND a box, which can be very unnecessary. Shopping at organic local markets is a great way to avoid this excessive packaging.

6. Eco-friendly cleaning

We all love a clean and fresh house right? Well, using harsh cleaning chemicals like bleach can actually do more harm to the environment and our own health than we realise! Instead of using chemicals like that, you can try using an organic option that is safe for human contact and won't do damage to the environment.

7. Used but loved

Of course this doesn't apply to everything, but buying used items are a great way to reduce the carbon footprint! Buying brand new will always feel nice, but that means extra packaging. Buying used where you can is always a great option for things like furniture, technology, some clothes/shoes/bags, textbooks and vehicles of course. 

These are only some of the ways we can do our part to helping the earth recover. There are of course many more ways, and more obvious ways at that, but this blog was meant to suggest a few very simple ones that you can easily incorporate into everyday life that you might not have been aware of already.

Together we can definitely help save the planet! It's the only one we have, so we have to give it our all now!

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