Top 5 restaurants to try in Sydney to sample different cuisines

Ah, food! The wonderful thing about Sydney is the sheer variety in different cuisines we have available to us. This is one of the things I miss when I go travelling, and what has led me to decide that Sydney truly is the best city to really live in! So today's blog will take a look at some of the nicest restaurants I've been to for various occasions, without spending hours upon hours in fine dining where you are still left hungry! The prices are definitely not conservative, but if it's for some sort of celebration it's good to spoil yourself or others once in a while with some truly fantastic dining!

1. Chuuka, Prymont | Asian fusion

An excellently combined menu of Japanese and Chinese cuisine, this place will leave you wanting more! The beef tartare is always my go to dish to order, and Chuuka did not disappoint! The cripsy chicken was delicious, and the tofu was amazing too! I was very curious about the blue swimmer crab rice dish, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was like an asian risotto! The more I ate, the more I wanted, needless to say I was very full by the end. Perfect for date nights!

2 people | $150 total approx. spend | booking recommended


2. Rengaya Yakiniku, North Sydney | Japanese BBQ

I tried this lovely Japanese BBQ restaurant just last week for a friends birthday, and I must say it was some of the best wagyu beef I have ever had! They have 2 options for wagyu, 7-8 marble grade and a 9-10 marble grade with prices to match. I had the 7-8, which is a little cheaper, and it was still so amazingly tasty. The portion sizes are pretty small, perhaps slightly smaller than your typically Korean BBQ place, but I wasn't left feeling too full or bloated at the end which I enjoyed. The beef tartare was mouth watering, and I definitely must return to try some of their special dishes. There was many items with duck par fait or caviar that I NEED! They also have sushi, although I did feel that was very overpriced. If you are keen to try new things, I highly recommend the ox tongue!

4 people | $300 total approx. spend | booking recommended


3. Le Bouchon, Crows Nest | French

I have been here twice now and I must say, it was a fantastic introduction to French cuisine for me! Having never tried it before, I found myself really enjoying all the entrees. I tend not to enjoy many mains in most restaurants, and this was no exception. The bacon wrapped scallops are just as delicious as it sounds, the charcuterie plate show cases some fine French cheeses and spreads, and of course you already know I loved the beef tartare here as well! It's a quiet area with an upper class vibe, perfect for a weekday date night when you need something a little bit fancy without breaking the bank.

2 people | $90 total approx. spend | bookings not essential


4. Zaitoune, Putney | Lebanese

I've always loved Lebanese food, the garlic dip, the chicken, the salads. Everything is so delicious and comforting! I've had my fair share of Lebanese over the years, but I have to say Zaitoune is my favourite! My favourite things to get is the hummus with mince, the Lebanese sausages, Sambousek and the triple skewer plate. Seriously, the hummus and sausages are still in my dreams... Keep in mind, this place has large portions, so 1-2 dishes per person is plenty (if it's the mezze), otherwise one large platter can feed about 4 people comfortably. This is a great option for family dinners or anything with many people.

5 people | $150 total approx. spend | bookings not essential


5. Madame Pho, Newington | Vietnamese

If you have never tried a classic beef noodle pho soup cooked in the authentic Vietnamese cuisine, you MUST get yourself to Madame Pho immediately! This is the perfect dinner if you're not feeling up to the task of cooking, don't have enough time, or need a little bit of hot, comforting, home cooked food. I always get the beef special soup, but the chicken and rice dish is also very juicy and delicious, and the pork chop combination is just as good! The spring rolls here are probably some of the best I've had at a Vietnamese restaurant too. This is a very casual dining experience, focused on authenticity, so no need to dress up! 

2 people | $30 total approx. spend | bookings never essential


So that's my essential list of my favourite restaurants! Have I missed any good ones? Let us know in the comments so we can all share and appreciate all of this amazing food! Now if you will excuse me, I think I need to make a booking for right now...

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