The positive side

No doubt there are many of you who are feeling the effects of the numerous events that have occurred throughout this year alone. Starting with the Australian bushfires, to COVID-19, the BLM movement around the world, the Californian fires, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death to now this show stopping presidential debate that is leaving many of us feelings overwhelmed and out of hope.

But not all is lost folks!

Here is a list of 6 good things happening in 2020:

1. Less pollution

Due to the unprecedented amount of people staying inside, there has been a staggering drop in pollution around the world! We saw fish and even dolphins coming back to the canals in Venice, not to mention the crystal clear waters and clean air. In major cities like Shanghai you can actually see the buildings again!

2. Debts under control

Again, due to COVID-19 and with everyone staying indoors, we've seen a massive reduction in consumer debt in general. With so many of us opting to cook at home, limit eating out and reduced shopping, many of us have our credit card debts well under control!

3. Food waste

When you hear Disneyland is closed temporarily you don't immediately think of all the food that would be going to waste; I bet we were all bummed out about the park! Nevertheless, the great team announced that all of the uneaten and clean food will be donated, not thrown out.

4. Zoom

Ah Zoom. Whether you love it or hate it, chances are you have had to use this application in some way recently. Students, teachers, business people, even just friends catching up have all sought to this to keep us connected. The best thing though? Students pranking their teachers! My personal favourite, the reconnecting image HAHA!

5. Unleashed creativity

Despite the lows, the highs have been so impressive. A combined force of Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube have really allowed us to showcase our collective creativity. No doubt you will have seen many viral videos already.

6. AOC

My admiration for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will never die! This defiant, strong, and incredible woman is constantly making strides in the name of equality and feminism. Her video is just simply awesome.

Do you have a personal experience that has been great this year? Feel free to share it with us! It may seem like you are not allowed to feel joy amidst all the negative energy, but don't believe that for a second. Celebrating your wins is just as important as caring for others and trying to help make their lives better.

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