The Christmas Rush!

So there are only 4 weeks left until Christmas and we are not okay! Where did the year go?!

If you are last minute, (like many of us), Christmas has totally snuck up on you and you are just realising now how busy you will be scrambling to get all the Christmas presents in time! Have no fear, we are here to help!

We've got something at our store for every sister, mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend or best friend! We will also recommend some other great gift ideas that you may not have thought about before. We are all about unique, memorable and exciting gifts here at Tand, so please enjoy this blog and we hope it inspires you for the upcoming Christmas holiday!

1. Swimwear

Perhaps an obvious gift idea haha! Swimwear is a great gift no matter who it is you are buying for since Christmas in Australia means sweltering hot days and a minimum of 30 degrees throughout the whole of December and January! We may not have a white Christmas here, but our beaches are damn fine and it would such a shame not to enjoy them over the Christmas break. In saying that, we definitely have something for every woman.

Our Tyra and Miranda bikini sets are perfect for women who like a good classic 2 piece but with a twist. This isn't your standard bikini from every other store now days; these designs have gold embellishments, very soft and comfortable double lined fabric, and in-built padding to avoid any nasty nip slips and over-exposure. We are definitely all for female empowerment and being free with your body, but there are still lots of women who are prefer to stay on the conservative side and don't want to reveal too much in their bikini's. This one is for you ladies.

Our red and navy Jolie one-piece is our most fiery and sexy design from this collection. It's perfect for that woman who loves to flaunt what she's got and has no regrets doing so! She loves looking good AND feeling good, definitely not afraid to live on the wild side.

Our Theron and Aaliayh one-pieces are classic, practical yet beautiful designs that provides style as well as function. Theron has a flattering single shoulder strap, which it holds surprisingly well for big busts women and small busted women alike! (Trust us, we've tested on all of our friends to get this right!) Aaliyah has a triple thin strap on either side for added support but primarily fit better on women who have narrower shoulders. Theron on the other hands, look fantastic on any body shape; it's probably the safest gift to give if you are unsure about fit! Both designs have varying shades from light to dark tones which makes them so versatile to suit any skin colour!

2. Boss ladies

Do you know an awesome woman who is always working? She's passionate, determined and a total boss, but because of that she needs to spend most of her day starting at harmful computer screens. An awesome gift idea are these glasses that help fight the harmful light emitted from screens of all sorts. You can find them at online stores like Baxter Blue, Lady Boss Glasses, even SpecSavers if you prefer to see them in person. They are a little pricey (anywhere between $65 to over $100 depending on the store), but what a good concept!

3. For the adrenaline junkie

If this woman loves a good scare, think about awesome packages from Adrenaline that could take her sky-diving, super car racing, learning to fly a plane for 30 mins, helicopter rides and more! There are so many great options on their site, and best of all they usually are tickets for 2 so you get to join in on the fun as well.

 4. Shopaholic?

If she is a shopaholic, loves her brand names and always struts her stuff, she will love and definitely appreciate any vintage! People like @frassyaudrey and her online store Audrey Leighton are bringing back the vintage goods and we couldn't be more excited! One a month she releases a new collection of special and unique finds on her website and they usually sell out so fast it's unbelievable. She's got vintage Fendi, Versace, Dior, almost any brand name you can think of, and best of all it doesn't break the bank! They are still pricey for some pieces, but when you take into account the rarity of the item and of course how great it looks, it really is a fantastic gift!

5. Giving back

There are many people who would love to just give something back to the community too. An idea for these philanthropic people is to donate to a charity close to them, animal organisation or environmental cause. These women would definitely appreciate the gesture more than a gift. 

6. Framed prints

A hugely popular product lately are frame prints, and it's not hard to see why. The images framed are simple, elegant, atmospheric and just simply beautiful! Stores line Canvas Home Interiors and Living Lush are 2 great options, with the latter a much cheaper destination. Canvas Home Interiors has some really amazing works, but it can be too expensive for most of us. If you are a bit of a computer whiz and quite creative, you could even think about creating your own artwork on Photoshop or Illustrator and get that framed! Home made gifts are the most special after all!

We hope some of these ideas will help you gift some more unique and memorable gifts this year! Share your ideas in the comments below and help your fellow Tand Goddess!

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