Tand Swimwear top 5 study tips

Hello again all of our Tand Goddesses!

We know many of you are academics striving to achieve your best in your exams, assignments and everyday schooling life, whether you are at high school, uni, college, TAFE or an online course! There are so many options we have now days to gain qualifications, better ourselves and learn more than we ever thought possible. With these options, we should take full advantage and ensure we can make the most out of it while we can. With that being said, here are our top 5 tips to tackle the studying period head on:

1. Choosing the right environment

The objects and people that surround you are very important. Some people study much better when there is nothing around them at all and no sound, while others thrive in places like a small cafe with some constant background noise. For me personally, I love listening to music! The key is to listen to songs without any words though, so a favourite of mine is soundtracks to some of my favourite movies! Lord of the Rings, Avengers, The Dark Knight, Interstellar, Inception and The Last Samurai are just some of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. To be fair, anything done by Hans Zimmer is an absolute hit!

I've also found that sometimes heading to a nearby cafe or library can be very rewarding as well. Sometimes being at home is way too distracting. Your TV is there, the fridge is calling to you, your pets are within arms reach, and not to mention your bed which looks so inviting right now! Sometimes just going somewhere, anywhere can be the best option for you.

2. Satisfying those cravings

Something that tends to happen with me is the sudden and unnecessary urge to eat! It's the worst thing when you are trying to actually follow through on a diet haha. It comes down to being bored. Once you're bored enough almost any other activity can be more pleasurable than studying! To satisfy these cravings without worrying too much about the waistline, I usually have of grapes, digestive chocolates, dips and crackers or rice crackers. All of these are great alternatives to the typical junk food, and still taste great!

3. Relaxation

We all know that when the stakes are high, the stress increases too. We are huge advocates of treating yourself more than normal during this time to help relieve this stress and keep your A game on. So getting a quick 30 minute massage, some pilates/yoga class, a gym session, a run around your suburb or a very short shopping trip are great ways that we find can help ease some of that tension. There is no use in constantly writing an assignment if your head isn't in the right space. You're going to most likely produce an assignment that is below average of what you are capable of. The key to keeping productivity high is to take breaks regularly. Nobody can keep working for 8 hours straight without their focus levels struggling in some way.

4. Plan out your studying

So planning everything out is actually such a crucial step to make the most of your study time. By setting yourself regular goals over the next couple weeks until the assignment is due or the exam is to take place, helps you to stay in control of the situation and avoids your emotions becoming too overwhelming. Don't get me wrong, I've also left things to the last minute, as I'm sure we all have at some point in our lives; but at least you don't leave the entire assignment too late!

5. Getting help

There is never any shame in asking for help from your teachers or fellow students. It took me many years to gain the courage to actually approach a teacher and ask a question, or even raise my hand in class to answer a question! There's always the self-doubt clouding our minds; "What if my answer is wrong?" We can never get rid of this doubt, I think it'll always be there in some form, but what helps is slowly building up the courage to push through it! Maybe not the first class, or second or even fifth, but eventually it's so worthwhile to gain that confidence!

What's your ideal study tips? We would love to hear what you have to say as well!

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