Swimwear trends throughout the years

The swimwear styles of each year can tell about about the women, the lifestyle, and even the economy of the time. We will go through some of the most iconic eras and swimsuit styles, sharing what we love about each one and even showing you where our designs have gathered their inspiration from.

1. The year 1962 - Raquel Welch is absolutely stunning in this sexy halter-neck style bikini. The big hair and Italian vibes all work together to create a look that oozes sexy, feminine, chic and timeless. The bikini is seemingly simple to say the least, but it has quickly become the most popular design by far. Our 2 bikini designs (Tyra and Miranda) follow in these footsteps. The whole ensemble creates a flattering look for almost any body shape, and with the right embellishments and accessories, it can definitely enhance the look even more and add a sense of luxury.
2. The year 1987 - the year that definitely embodies the word 'extra'. Plunging neck lines, high cut legs, matching accessories, as much gold as possible, what's not to love?! Our Jolie one-piece in Navy and Red are similar visually no doubt. We've adopted the same mentality of being 'extra' with that design and loving the pictures that have been produced with it! It emulates a time when America was flourishing, expensive clothes were sought after and Wall Street was on the rise. This classic and iconic era will live on for decades to come!
3. The year 1997 - the introduction of the single shoulder strap came into popularity, particularly on colourful one-pieces. If this looks familiar you are not wrong! Our Theron one-piece is indicative of this year; with a single strap and fairly colourful pattern based on yellows and browns, it retains its earthy tones while exploring the chic and elegant.

4. The year 2006 - and here we have the matching sarongs! Possibly our favourite accessory for any good old fashioned beach day, short sarongs in particular stole the show, as seen on Kim Kardashian in 2006. There was an essence of sexy, sophistication, timelessness, luxury and leaving things to the imagination. We created our own exclusive sarongs to reflect this style, and absolutely love it.

Ours is certainly more colourful no doubt!








5. The year 2011 - Brooklyn Deecker (Sports Illustrated model) is bright like a diamond in this vibrant yellow little kini. While plain colours are still in fashion, we see a bigger range in the colour palette, using more unique and unique colours rather than just black, white and red. Our Tyra bikini combines this colour with the gold obsessions from 1987. 

6. The present day 2018 - Kendall Jenner is seen here relaxing on a boat in a classic cut plain black swimsuit. The one-pieces have no doubt made a come back lately and we are loving it! We channeled this in our design of Aaliyah, a simple cut one-piece with some added features to help make it stand out against the crowd. 

We hope you enjoyed this brief insight into the history of swimwear designs as much as we enjoyed writing it! Leave a comment or like or share this with your friends and family if you loved it :)


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