It all started from an idea...

Like with many inventions, brands, designs, and empires, it all starts with one idea no matter how big or small. From the first car to the Whoopie Cushion, we can learn that no matter what the product is, there is usually always a place in the market for it! But what sees some ideas or businesses succeed and others to fail? I will be discussing what I have learnt throughout my short but action packed journey with Tand Swimwear.


No matter what product it is that is trying to be sold, the effectiveness of the marketing is often what will dictate its success or failure. This is such a difficult thing to gauge considering how communication, shopping preferences and social media use are constantly changing. 50 years ago the idea of using social media to sell products and connect with customers was totally unheard of. Face to face sales techniques and shop fronts were almost exclusively the only way for any business to succeed. Now, everything has gone digital and business have either adapted or been forced to wind up. This is why marketing is so important, because it identifies the environment that you are currently trying to sell in to determine your best approach. And like the seasons, this is constantly changing.

Effortless shopping

As I'm sure you are aware, we currently live in a time where spending money has never been easier! We have magical little cards, phones, and now even smart watches that are all too eager to lighten the burden on your bank account. Some of the most successful businesses capitalize on this to create an effortless and enjoyable experience for their customers. Using platforms like Afterpay, Zippay and Paypal are just some examples, and now days it's almost impossible to find an online store without these features!

The hardship that faces online businesses is the fact that it is online and not physically present for people to touch, see or try on for themselves. In this way, we need to make sure that our returns and exchange policy is easy so customers don't feel hesitant to make the purchase.

 The power of one...

One of the hardest parts of starting your own thing is the ability to keep pushing through despite the low times. When you first start, you can't expect to have a great number of sales, unless of course you have a massive following on social media and can market it to all your fans very easily. It's important to keep in mind why you started in the first place and always keep that goal clear in you head as motivation to keep going. It's typically expected that when starting a new company, you won't be able to make any substantial revenue for at least a few years so instead of aiming too high and expecting an outrageous amount of sales, just aim to break-even or a little lower than that. This will keep you sane trust me! Otherwise the negativity from constantly falling short will definitely start to eat away at your perseverance and determination.


Hopefully these tips have been insightful for you guys. We've all heard of the same advice most people provide, so we wanted to let you in on some slightly more unique tips you can adapt for your own life. Whether that be bettering yourself and taking charge of your own environment or starting your own business, it's all in your hands now!


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