I'm a Pear! HELP!

It's normal to stress about your bodyshape, what clothes you can fit into, how you look once you leave the house, and how you can afford that beautiful dress you just walked past. We are here to help you and remind you that it doesn't matter how expensive or cheap your clothes are, or you weight, or even your bodyshape! There's something for all of us out there, we just need to know what to look for :)

So below are some of our tips for a Pear shaped woman. If you don't know if this applies to you, Pears are usually small busted and larger on the hips. If you find yourself buying a size or even 2 smaller on the top than the bottoms, chances are you are a Pear! But have no fear, Pears are totally sexy!  Here are some styling tips for you:


Choosing a flattering pattern is a crucial part of the process. Generally for Pears, if you have a top that has a pattern or light coloured paired with darker block coloured bottoms this will help draw attention to the top and the slimmest part of the body, and help balance out the look on the bottom half. Take the above picture as an example. Kim pairs a light, tight blouse with dark flared jeans and a belt to really cinch in the waist. This type of style really flatters your natural curves and brings out your confidence!


This can be difficult and a bit of a trial and error process, and it can also vary slightly from Pear to Pear, however here are some basic tips to get you started. Tighter fitting tops look much more flattering than loose ones, because it outlines your shape and shows off your killer curves. This is ideal compared to looser fitting shirts because they drape more around the hips, making you look much larger than you actually do. Anything that comes in at the waist is also a great idea, as it accentuates your natural curves. High-waisted jeans and skirts are the best for this! Even nice office type dresses with a slim belt around the waist.


  1. Baggy dresses and shirts
  2. Embellishments at the hips
  3. Pencil skirts
  4. Low hung belts
  5. Low waist jeans

We hope this helps you Pear ladies! Feel free to share any of your tips with your fellow Tand Goddesses! 

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