Bushfire tradegy

Hi everyone, today is a sad topic to cover unfortunately. As you should be aware if you are a fellow Aussie, all over Australia at the moment fires ravage and continue to destroy human homes as well as animal homes. There are many reasons as to why this has happened, although what we need to focus on now if helping those who need it the most! We have put together a list of places that need your help, one of which we have already donated to! Keep in mind, all donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

1. RSPCA Bushfire Appeal

The RSPCA is operating mostly in Northern NSW to help farmers and their livestock escape the oncoming fire dangers. They are also helping native animals like koalas, kangaroos and many other flora and fauna native and exclusive to our wonderful Australian environment.

Click here to donate to RSPCA today.

2. Wires Wildlife Rescue

Wires has set up a bushfire appeal team to help animals of all kinds in this devastating bushfire event. But they don't stop there. On a regular everyday basis, they are still trying their best to protect the ever endangered native species like Koala's and grey headed Flying Fox's. With mostly volunteers, they need any funds possible to afford treatments!

Click here to donate to Wires today.

3. The Salvation Army

The Salvo's have been in operation throughout Australia for a long time! They assist in multiple areas to help almost everyone that needs it, so it's no surprise they have acted quickly to provide relief to effected homes from the bushfires. They focus on helping provide refuge for families and trying their best to get them back on their feet after the devastation of losing their homes.

Click here to donate to Salvo's today.

4. The Australian Red Cross

The Red Cross has been assisting affected people not just in NSW, but also QLD and SA. This is a great place to donate that covers a range of Australia if that is important to you. Their website provides regular updates on the situations at hand so you can constantly keep up to date and see first hand where you money is going.

Click here to donate to Red Cross today.

5. Your local Fire Brigade

With recent cuts to fire departments by our Australian Governments, local fire brigades are in need of donations now more than ever. They help monitor areas prone to fires, as well as being the front lines in trying to prevent them from spreading too far. Many put their lives on the line for others, and many of these lives have been lost in doing so. No amount of money can compensate their families for the incredible sacrifice they have made, but perhaps we can show our gratitude with donations and help them afford more equipment that is needed on a regular basis.

Click here to find your local brigade.

No matter who you decide to donate to, it's greatly appreciated and needed! Tand Swimwear donated to Wires just last week, and hope that by all of us spreading the word we can get the relief needed for everyone effected.

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