Best Beaches to Visit this Holidays

While everyone else around the else will be celebrating a beautiful white Christmas, on the other hand here in Australia we will be in scorching heat and no fan or air-condition will help. So what must we do? Head to the beach of course!

We've put together our list of best beaches around Sydney area that you can really make a day out of it! We've skipped the big hits like Manly and Bondi because we all know about them already; we hope to introduce some new hidden gems to you all :)

1. Turrimetta Beach

If anyone recognises the beach in our images from the first campaign, that's because it was shot right here in Sydney! Turrimetta Beach is a beautiful and dynamic beach in the middle of a quiet and friendly suburban area. There's a cute little coffee shop very close by, and a 10 minute walk down the other way brings you to a small set of restaurants. It's such a beautiful and peaceful place, not to mention the fact that there are not many people crowding at this beach. If you prefer a quiet but spacious beach, this is definitely for you!

2. La Perouse Beach

This is a great beach for those who prefer to enjoy a very calm and quiet ocean. With no waves at all and fantastic clear blue waters, this beach was made for swimming and exploring! It's a very small beach though, and becomes a bit busy especially on weekends and very hot days, but if you can get there early and grab a good spot it is well worth it! Plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby means you won't go hungry either. 

3. Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a suburb very close to Wollongong. There are so many beaches along the coast there that you can explore multiple in one day, and still have more to find another time! Take the scenic drive there through the Royal National Park and enjoy a beautiful and natural rain forest; it's seriously so pretty! Cafes and restaurants adorn the streets so you don't have to worry about food either. It is quite a drive out but we highly recommend it!

4. The Farm

No it's not an actual farm don't worry! This beach is in the picturesque town of Shell-harbour, which is again filled with cafes and restaurants everywhere. To get onto the beach itself you do have to walk over quite a bit of rocks so remember to bring some good sturdy shoes is possible so you don't cut your feet and ruin the fun before it begins! Once you get onto the beach itself it's absolutely fantastic! Clear waters and fine yellow sand, it's definitely testament to our reputation for having some of the best beaches in the world.

Hopefully this list has introduced some brand new beaches that you didn't know about before. If you can think of another great beach that we didn't be sure to leave a comment about it so all your fellow Tand Goddesses can see!

This will be a Christmas break to remember ladies!

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