Behind the scenes

We love connecting with you all as much as we can, and we would love to take this time now to let you guys get a little sneak peak into our responsibilities at Tand and our creative processes. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you will get to know us a little more!

Our first tentative steps into the crazy, competitive and stylish world of the fashion industry were scary, exciting and definitely a huge learning curve! Without coming from a background in fashion, design or marketing, our journey so far in Tand have been one hell of a ride. Even though we have never designed anything before, that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot leading up to the big launch!

For a year before we kicked off, we were busy drawing up sketches, showing them around to family and friends for constructive criticism and talking almost daily with our manufacturer to get all the details right. When it came time to showcase our designs, we took to the runway! We were the gold sponsor at the first Fashion Aid Sydney 2017, where some of the profits go to helping charities. After that, we officially launched online!

 Our first website was understandably not the best. We made it visually beautiful for the laptop screen, and completely forgot that most views will most likely be coming from the phone! Such a rookie mistake right? Well it's been fixed now thankfully. On top of that, when the opportunity arose to join Afterpay and Zippay, we discovered that the online store platform we were using didn't support these 2 features, so we had to start from scratch and develop a whole new website again! We are very happy with this new website though; it's clean, crisp, elegant and very modern with just enough orange to remind us of the beach and summer!

Another turning point for us was when we presented with the option to start importing ready made designs from popular manufacturers in China and to simply put our label on them. This is a technique used by many brands with large amounts of success so far, so it is very tempting to fall into the same patterns. However, we made an executive decision to stick to our guns, and design our own swimwear ourselves! It's the more expensive option that's for sure, but in the long run we believe it will definitely be much more rewarding.

What did you think about this little look into our swimwear brand? If you have any more questions or just curious about anything, we are always happy to answer anything you need and help you out!

Have a great week Tand Goddesses!

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